Home - Putting A Finish On Your Walls

Bathroom walls are quite trick to paint. This is because the walls are usually exposed to higher levels of humidity than the rest of the home. Finding the right paint and using it to decorate the walls is, therefore, something that must be considered both from an aesthetics and practical point of view. If your choice of paint for the bathroom is wrong, then you are going to have many problems with maintaining those bathroom walls in the long-term.

You can approach the painting project in a variety of ways. It all depends on the look you are going for in the bathroom. If you have no idea of what option to pick, it may be a better idea for you to consult a professional interior designer or painter. Some of the ways through which you can put a finish on the bathroom walls include painting plain solid finished, creating textured wall finishes, and painting pictures. farrow and ball bathroom paint will come in handy regardless of choices you make in this regard.

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Painting Plain Solid Finishes

A solid finish is one that is two-dimensional and, therefore, flat. The painted colour is usually done in a solid colour that is consistent in the areas it is applied. Even if the colour scheme entails the use of more than one colour, all those colours will be done solidly and evenly through out the bathroom walls. The painted walls are plain, and their major job is to disguise all the weaknesses of the bathroom walls as much as possible.

You should opt for this method of finish when you want bathroom walls that are simple in nature. Simple colours can be grounding. When done right the solid colour palette can make the bathroom appear bigger or smaller than it actually is, depending on the look you are going for. The ability of this method to hide wall imperfections is also a plus.

Textured Painting

While solid colour palettes may appeal to those who like simple things in life, they can be quite monotonous for others. If you want some variety, a textured look may be the best way for you to apply the paint finish of your choice. Such a look is achieved when a painter creates a feeling of different textures on the bathroom walls. This can be done even with one colour as long as the painter is skilful enough. Textures can be two- dimensional yet giving a feeling of depth at the same time.

Painting Images on Your Walls

Who said that bathroom walls should be boring? You can let your creativity loose and have your bathroom walls painted with images of whatever takes your fancy. A large mural on your bathroom walls may be the best idea you will ever implement. The mural can act as a way of hiding the imperfections of the walls while still protecting the walls from humidity, depending on the type of paint finish you select. In addition, the images will add value to the aesthetics of your bathroom and the home as a whole.